I'm creating a Rails 3 application and that i have installed Capistrano around the client side and Passenger with Apache 2 around the server side.

I create a deployment and also the files are delivered to a folder known as u/apps/.

However when I go to the Ip I'm presently using I only reach a clear folder, how do you configure apache to search for my application in the present folder? To ensure that I only have to visit my IP/domain to determine my application?

This deployment stuff is killing me!


I've carried this out using rails 2.x however i think for rails 3 also virtually exactly the same factor. With this you should utilize passenger after which configure apache

following are a handful of helpful assets





Should you browse for your URL and also you see an apache files/folders list this means that passenger isn't triggered for your location... Test out your server atmosphere by managing a mongrel/thin inside your application folder and find out that the application runs properly. Next, review your Apache configuration (see Passenger paperwork).