I'm trying to setup solr in eclipse by using the instructions here: http://hokiesuns.blogspot.com/2010/01/setting-up-apache-solr-in-eclipse.html.

The distribution of solr which i downloaded doesn't have WEB-INF directory. I've added the jars which i present in lib to construct path. However get invalid run configuration error.

Can anybody that has solr placed in eclipse insert their configurations and designs.


here's something that can help from the quick searching: Within this kind of configuration Maven proves a existence messiah. Searching for a maven archetype (predefined project structure) I have found this. So within an empty dir attempt to run the mvn archetype:generate command they're estimating and lastly if you work with eclipse run mvn eclipse:eclipse for that eclipse specific files so that you can do Import > Existing Maven Projects from eclipse.

Look into the .war file in dist. It features a WEB-INF directory.

So extract the war file and employ the files within the lib directory.

Let's imagine I needed to create a "classes" directory in WEB-INF

The issue was that I never removed the war.

As Jem stated , the .war is available in dist directory. However dist directory itself does not is available within the downloaded source :). You must do

ant dist

within the apache folder to obtain this.

Hope that can help another person. I could get solr ready to go while using command line in addition to eclipse.