I am establishing Apache server for elgg (a wide open source social media framework) . I have installed apache2 on ubuntu and produced a brand new file 'elgg' on 'sites-available' folder in /etc/apache2/ , copying the items in default file already for the reason that folder .I additionally transformed the document root and directory setting within the file making not one other changes .I enabled the website using a2ensite . However when i attempt to gain access to the website with the browser it states - 403 forbidden , You can't access this diectory . Can there be something used to do wrong ? I gave all customers read ,write and professional permission in document root folder , still it's proven as forbidden

  • See if among the files specified as 'DirectoryIndex' can be obtained and accessible, or maybe 'Indexes' is really as Option.
  • Look for .htaccess files with possible 'Deny' conditions, or perhaps a Deny symptom in your 'elgg' file in sites-available.

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