I apologize to request this here, as I am sure the answer is rather easy as well as the existence of my I can not setup httpd.conf on my small localhost apache server to instantly load the codeigniter files.

Rather I am needing to enter in the folder itself localhost/trunk/etc/etc until I recieve index.php - which messes with a few of the relative pathways (our after sales coder is finished for that week and so i can't request him, but he's already setup the rewrite rules on our development server).

Can someone let me know how you can setup httpd.conf and mod_rewrite on my small local atmosphere so likely to http://localhost goes directly into codeigniter's index.php?

If you wish to wreck havoc on httpd.conf, search for the Document Root line:

DocumentRoot "/path/to/CI/folder"

save it, and restart apache.

Should you intend on altering httpd.conf Create A BACKUP From It FIRST. I have screwed up many installs altering things around and regretted not copying the file first :)

And you will need to adjust the CI conf configurations with path info etc. after altering httpd.conf