Lately I happened across mongoDB, couchDB etc. I'm wishing to possess a play using this type of database and wondered just how much use of the hosting server one should have it running.

If anybody has any understanding of the, I would like to know whether it may be established to work whenever your application is located using a 'normal' webhost.

I personally use Mongo, and thus I am really only speaking for Mongo, however your typical website hosting atmosphere wouldn't permit you to setup your personal database. You'll want root-level (admin) use of the server to setup Mongo. To obtain that, you'll want something similar to a VPS or perhaps a devoted server.

However, to simply experiment with Mongo, I'd recommend installing the binary for the OS and passing on a run. Their JavaScript spend interface is extremely simple to use.

Hope that can help! Tim

What about vps hosting? The host provides you with what appears like a whole machine... hard disk, CPU, memory. You're able to install anything you want, becasue it is your (virtual) machine.

When it comes to MongoDB like others have stated, you'll need a chance to install the MongoDB software and run it (normally like a daemon). However, located services are simply starting to appear, for example MongoHQ. Possibly something similar to this can be appropriate once its from beta (or you request a party invitation).

It seems located CouchDB services will also be appearing, for example or Cloudant. Personally, i don't have any knowledge about Couch in order to be less certain compared to Mongo, but I'd suppose again to operate it yourself, you'd have to install the program (and therefore require root access).

If you do not presently possess a VPS or devoted server (or even the cloud-based versions from the aforementioned), possibly moving your computer data to a devoted located service could be a good way to visit steer clear of the discomfort and cost of altering your hosting setup.

Other ways:-

1) You will find many free mongodb hosting available. Try Many more here http://world wide

2) If you're asking particularly about hosting that is shared, the reply is mostly no. But, should you could run mongoDB elsewhere (like in the above link) and wish to connect out of your website, it's most likely possible in case your host enables your personal extensions (for php)

3) VPS