I've just created a credit-card processing form using Drupal, the shape conveys using the Payway API (a payment processing API supplied by my bank).

I've bought an SSL certificate with my host, and that i know come with an HTTPS server on my small hosting account. Exactly what do I actually do to create my forms tell you HTTPS? Sorry I'm a new comer to SSL and am completely unaware within this matter.

I have attempted copying my drupal site into my httpsdocs folder however it runs very slow after i can get on through https://

Any help or direct could be much appreciated.

Among the simplest methods to pressure HTTPS on the web server is thru b .htaccess file around the cause of your internet server. You'll be able to apply HTTPS simply to the folders you'll need.

If you work with Drupal, there's likely already b .htaccess file around the cause of your site that you could edit. Here's a quick guide on which must be put into the file: http://www.besthostratings.com/articles/force-ssl-htaccess.html