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IE6: To aid or otherwise to aid.
Should we support IE6 any longer?

I'd hate to (HATE TO) be honest, but you will find many people still by using this browser. A customer of mine is facing an problem in which the "transparency" section of a png arrives an easy gray - ONLY on IE6.

I understand this is an unsupported browser, but many people STILL utilize it. I'd enjoy having just a little discussion if I ought to decide to support it.

Some point professional-support of IE6 is the fact that frequently in large organisations, the update of systems is frequently trivial for their IT department, so theres the great majority of individuals employed in these organisations that also use IE6. Schools are identical.

Some point disadvantage-support of IE6 is the fact that Microsoft no more offer support for this, which is considered an inactive browser, why must i waste time catering for this.

It's some a dilemma. I'd like to hear other bands reactions for this.

Some point disadvantage-support of IE6 is the fact that Microsoft no more offer support for it, which is considered an inactive browser, why must i waste time catering for this.

Since it is not Microsoft you are catering for, or individuals who contemplate it an inactive browser, it's people while using browser, also known as your clients. Go ahead and, do not take on clients who've essential that you simply support IE6 with websites you have produced, that's your chocie. But when you are getting taken care of it, I'd hardly refer to it as "wasting time" =)

For my very own sites I don't make use of being pixel perfect and getting identical functionality in IE6 however i do prefer to make certain the website is accessible and functional in a fundamental level. That should not be way too hard and will also most likely be helpful for web spiders too.

I do not see an alternate. Actually, I dare say it had not been very professional individuals to place an industrial site up that does not support IE6. Your website should focus on all browsers - mix browser compatibly is a component in our job.

In answer your comments ought to, here's the reason when I only say professional:

  • It's expected individuals to understand IE6 will probably be an issue before you begin.
  • Target supported browsers must participate anything. Before focusing on the website you need to request who definitely are the prospective crowd and choose to together. If you want to support IE6 your cost estimation ought to be greater.
  • It's expected individuals to a minimum of test the website or all browsers (yes, including IE6, understanding that it is not quite dead yet - it's not necessary to enjoy it though).
  • IE6 does not support PNGs, has strange box model (so avoid using width+padding), and so forth... Each time I get a PNG, I have a note - this wouldn't work in most browsers. You're likely to realize that or think it is within the test you have made.
  • Full disclosure - the website does not look or behave the identical on all browsers? Whenever you present the website, explain why and how, and just how it'll effect clients. This might seem silly, but when you do not have IE6 inside your contract, your client might not be too savvy. Your client will discover eventually the website does not focus on IE6 - probably once the site breaks for of her buddies or clients, making her look bad. That understanding better originate from you.

Count yourself lucky you are not attempting to look after china web surfer-base...

I result in the site work in IE6, but possess a banner which comes lower pleading using the user to upgrade to see the masterdom of the century.

Example page that shows the banner