Exactly how should we add bgsound in wordpress, bgsound isn't working

Edit the Web coding. Following the tag < mind > place the next code:

<embed autostart="true" height="0" loop="true" src="URL://music-file" width="0"/>


You will find three tags that are utilized to add seem files. Two aren't valid HTML and also the third does not work dependably across browsers:

<bgsound> - not a valid HTML or XHTML tag, and it only works in Internet Explorer
<embed> - not a valid HTML or XHTML tag, but it works in most browsers
<object> - a valid HTML and XHTML tag, but it only works in Safari  

Note: Your circumstances might be different, but it's often a very bad idea to include music like a background to some web site. Getting music playing without anyone's knowledge can interrupt whatever is presently coming with the customers loudspeakers. Lots of people use their computer systems as media stations that be a musician and video. Getting this all of a sudden interrupted is the same as getting a newspaper that jumps from the table and systems around your mind just like a facehugger and begins lounging head lines inside your throat.

Also getting music playing will reduce the performance from the site, especially on reduced machines.

Get it done within the header file of the theme (header.php).