I've an mfc application that utilizes CRecordsets to fetch increaseOrplace data.

I could implement bulk row fetching, but I am now searching to implement bulk row upgrading/placing/removing utilizing a derived CRecordset.

Has anybody done that? Are you able to provide code good examples?

Only use CDatabase::ExecuteSQL. Doing updates by looping through as CRecordset can not be something you want to complete. A CRecordSet is just helpful if you use single records, although not whole teams of data.

AFAIK MFC does not support bulk insertion: some last year I turned to presenting dblibrary, however it isn't worth using (was hard to interface as well as buggy, sometimes).

Rather, using .Internet, write a COM DLL, where's defined BulkCopy, after which instance the DLL from MFC.

Otherwise, if out of your server you have access to the information file where data to become placed is saved, you are able to problem a BULK INSERT statement.