We wish to know, exactly how should we alter the category extension. Our Old website is coded in with (.htm, .php and .html) extension, Now we transfer it into wordpress. so it may be easy to result in the category publish inshtml code, .htm and .php based on the category. We've high pagerank on these pages, we'd unable to remove or alter the extention ... so please suggest me, exactly how should we do that in wordpress.

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You will find methods to customize the category URL using WP_Rewrite, however from a natural perspective it seems sensible to utilize a 301 redirect inside your .htaccess file. Even Google formally suggests 301 redirects and therefore the hyperlink juice will ultimately flow for your new pages.

By doing this, you continue the page ranking and evolve your URL structure too.

Make use of the "Redirection" wordpress plugin in wordpress to produce 301 redirects for the pages you'll need