Pages on the website Appear as Tabs. So Home , AboutUs , E mail us Items Services etc are pages on my small wordpress site. But i wish to show only couple of of these around the login page and relaxation of these only after login. Also i wish to try something after login. I wish to show tabs based on roles too so a job A might find 3 tabs and role b might find 5.

page tabs are most done using [cde]. so you'll have a condition for the situation like:


exactly the same is applicable towards the role based scenario.

Or... whether it's only a temporary factor, you could do this it with only CSS.

Make certain you've if(wp_get_current_user()==null) wp_list_pages(array('include'=>'2,34,5')); else wp_list_pages(array('include'=>'2,34,5,3,6')); inside your body_class($class); tag. When you're drenched in, you ought to have a category known as drenched-in.

With this class, one can market to the sun and rain you want to cover, and achieve this such as this: