Silly question for that public: Assume you've got a table that handles the condition of the object because it passes using your workflow.

Now assume you've got a standard U . s . States Condition table...

Exactly what do you call your US Condition table, without having to be redundant?

Additional Constraint - You cannot pluralize your tables.

Some ideas:


Curious to determine the other people develop...

CountryDivision could be pretty global

Name ("Texas", "Ontario", ...)

along with a Country table

CountryDivisionAlias ("State", "Province", ...)
Name ("United States of America", "Canada", ..)


Or if you wish to range from the country in every record refer to it as GeographicState

StateProvince that stores states &lifier provinces in multiple nations

Why is it necessary to alter the geographic states table. Why don't you title the Workflow States table WorkflowState, WorkflowObjectState, ObjectState, etc.

Also, I am inclined to put geographic states into in memory collections rather than the database.

How about AddressState? Keeps it a bit more globalised...

Provinces- This addresses both states and provinces as with some nations.

I have typically used USStates with this, short for "U . s . State's States", the entire version's a little less intuitive compared to short...however the short's what you are searching whatsoever time.

Another good examples:

  • AUStates - Australia
  • MXStates - Mexico
  • INStates - India

Simply using the nation prefix works, if you are storing another group of data for every country, if you are not doing that, you shouldn't have for multiple tables to begin with.

i call one STATUS and also the other Condition

I have used Regions but i was monitoring not only what they are called of states. We wanted a chance to breakdown or buildup the areas by geoloc for example metropolitan areas, communities, companies, etc

What about USGeoState?

What about Condition_Squared ? :^)