I've an hosting account on Godaddy that has been rerouted for last couple of days, more specifically, five days.

After mailing them quite couple of occasions, this is exactly what they needed to say

The 302 redirects are filters setup to keep the integrity from the hosting server in the end investigate and resolve an problem(s)

The publish isn't for boo-haa of godaddy, all I wish to know may be the technical part of the above term.

The filters are positioned, the way they are positioned and what purpose they fulfill

Any kind of detailing around the problem is going to be useful. As being a developer, it'll only help after i intend to unveil hosting by myself.

The filter was set by godaddy to limit access for your requirements until they are able to complete an analysis. The why depends but when your site had illegal content onto it whether putting it there, a person of yours or perhaps your account was compromised and another person did could be some possible whys. By illegal I am talking about anything in breach of the guidelines or even the law. The reason would be to safeguard their network as well as you when another person accounts for anything they are looking into. I'd give them a call.