i usually encounter these 2 words.

i understand that when you're speaking about domain model you're speaking about objects.

and persistence layer is really a layer you store your computer data, eg. mysql database.

but tend to someone explain these words more completely?

why do known as domain? why persistence?


This appears to become much more of an British question than the usual programming related one.

It's known as domain, since the definition is applicable.

For particulars around the Domain Model, browse the wikipedia and PoEAA definitions.

For instance, should you be building software to deal with air traffic control, air traffic control is the domain. The way you model this making use of your objects is the domain model.

So far as persistence, again the definition describes everything. The persistence layer is to store your computer data, but you know this. This term can be used since it is agnostic. Not every information is endured very much the same -- some use databases, some use XML, some make use of a remote service.