BASE means 'Basically Available, Soft condition, Eventually consistent'

So, I have come this far: "Essentially Available: the machine can be obtained, although not always all products inside it at a timeInch and "Eventually Consistent: following a certain time all nodes are consistent, but at any time this may not be" (please correct me if I am wrong).

But, what's meant exactly by 'Soft State'? I've not been capable of finding any decent explanations on the web yet.

This site might help:

"[soft condition] is information (condition) the consumer put in the machine which will disappear when the user does not keeping it. Mentioned one other way, the data will expire unless of course it's rejuvenated.

By comparison, the positioning of the simple light-switch is "hard-condition". Should you switch up, it'll stay up, possibly forever. It'll just have to change to lower whenever you (as well as other user) clearly returns to control it. "