I had been attempting to install joomla on my small website. While setting up joomla, I had been requested to produce a MYSQl user. However I could not because, each time I type as password, it provides a message saying the paswword does not satisfy the reqular expression requirement. Given below may be the regular expression


Exactly what does this suggest? What password can one give? Give one particualr password which will pass this regular expression test. Help me


This part means has 8 more more figures, and also the match begins at the beginning of input.


Means consists of a digit.


Or consists of something that's neither instructions or perhaps a digit


not beginning having a us dot or UNIX newline.


Consists of a minumum of one capital letter.


Consists of a minumum of one lowercase letter


Consists entirely of non-newline figures and also the matched up group will retain the entire string.

Password ought to be 8 symbols or even more, atleast one digit or perhaps a non-character , atleast one lower alpha and atleast one upper alpha and never starting with . or newline ( seriously?)

Example: Manojlds9