I understand it is really an easy one.... but

I'm learning PHP at this time and I wish to understand what the worthiness "<?php _e('Pay for order', 'jigoshop'); ?>" means within this form.

<input type="submit" class="button-alt" name="pay" id="place_order" value="<?php _e('Pay for order', 'jigoshop'); ?>" />


<?php _e('Pay for order', 'jigoshop'); ?>" /> is really a function call that will return something which will show within the input box. This appears like a wordpress function but tend to be another thing too. Please tag the question as WordPress too so you receive a more relevant answer.

This is a wordpress forum which describes the _e function: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/ltphp-_emystringvalue-sandbox-gt

I am speculating that you are using WordPress. For the reason that situation, [cde] is really a function that echos out a converted string, in line with the language that the user decides to make use of. If you wish to find out more about converting WordPress, read WordPress's own article about translation.

_e is really a purpose of WordPress to echo text.

Within this situation


will result in

value="<?php _e('Pay for order','jigoshop'); ?> "

It appears to possess no sense whatsoever, but using value="Pay for order" provides translation abilities to any or all the strings echoed with this function.