I initially thought building my very own was what you want, but I have lately transformed my thoughts for 2 reasons - first, I'd rather not reinvent the wheel and 2nd, I do not have sufficient web design experience at this time around to perform a good job by using it.

I have read another similar question, however i want greater than a barebones Content management systems. Really, the only real features I want as they are are blogging tools, a website map, a chance to create non-blog pages (for such things as "about me" and the like). However I should also have the ability to switch on or add more functionality when i require it, especially since i have eventually wish to put my very own projects online for download.

I have used CMSMatrix to try to find the best one, but it is tough. You will find a lot of options, however i haven't really seen one I would like. Does anybody have strategies for a totally free Content management systems that's great for not just dynamic content, but additionally static content? Additionally, I am searching for one designed in PHP/JavaScript because I wish to have the ability to read and comprehend the code to explore Content management systems implementations and also the database should be MySQL (that is what my host supports).

Does anybody have knowledge about a Content management systems and prepared to share their ideas?

For that record, I am presently searching at TYPO3.

Going back couple of years I have used Wordpress pretty solely.

It will greater than blogging.

I'd also recommend drupal.http://drupal.org/

If you prefer a simple blog system I'd recommend Wordpress too. I made use of it for more than a year also it was fine. It's a great number of plug ins and lots of styles. Finally I recieve fed up with a number of its restrictions and made the decision to maneuver to Drupal .

For just about any more severe factor I'd recommend Drupal. It's free, it features a huge comunity along with a practically every pluggin you'll ever need (plus otherwise such wordpress plugin is available you could code it yourself). The primary reason I personally use Drupal happens because it features a very awesome integration using the Geshi Code Highlighting tool to help you publish code clips very easily. Here's a good example (my website is within The spanish language).

Concerning the other Content management systems.

  • Joomla. Is nearly as good as Drupal but... Drupal is much more internet search engine friendly, Drupal includes a better performance along with a bigger community (sometimes size does matter). However Joomla is much easier to use and it has a much better learning curve than Drupal has.
  • Typo3. I have heard is excellent however i could not have it your week which, for me personally, is a significant amount of of the learning process to start with.
  • I have seen other (free) Content management systems but individuals three are actually the very best ones. e107 or Pligg are great but not adequate enough.