ten years ago, I just read among individuals Train Yourself HTML in 24 Hrs books and haven't investigated developing for that web since.

I am presently learning C# and Silverlight making my distance to the field of professional software development. I am not particularly focusing on the net, but when I set up an individual website, Let me have the ability to explore the programming possibilities in my experience.

Let me begin a website that enables me to host your blog, showcase my work, and supply us a fundamental sandbox for understanding how to program for that web. However, I am unsure of the items type of web-hosting package to suit me. Site's like JustHost.com offer open-source website hosting for less than $4/month, in which a site like MaximumAsp.com offer hosting that is shared for $49/month and virtual hosting for $99/month.

I would rather operate in the ASP.Internet space with MS SQL for data, but I am unsure exactly what the premium could be.

Listed here are my focal points (so as all the way through):

  • Affordable (between $5 and $25 monthly)
  • Simple to start and keep your blog along with other "content"
  • In a position to host Silverlight
  • ASP.Internet if at all possible
  • MS SQL DB if at all possible
  • Reliable

Area of the issue is that I'm not sure what programming restrictions I've basically opt for a shared site rather than a website with full use of a piece of equipment (virtual or physical). For instance, if setting up your blog engine with an ASP.Internet site requires root access, that might not be the best option for me personally.

Any help guiding me within the right direction for any "developer-friendly" hosting company could be much appreciated.

UPDATE: Because the time this was initially published, WebHost4Life transformed possession and/or hosting models. Several customers within the reviews at asp.net's site have observed problems with the website and billing issues.

I presently use both WebHost4Life (for private usage) and DiscountASP.Internet (for small company). I have tried personally both for 4+ years, and been very satisfied.

I love the management tools @ DiscountASP.Internet better, however the WebHost4Life costs are more appealing (MS SQL is within incorporated within the $10/month plan, it's an additional $10/month add-on at DiscountASP.Internet).

Had some stability difficulties with email @ WebHost4Life some years back, but no issues in the recent past.

Links to fundamental features are in:

DiscountASP.Internet features

WebHost4Life features

Observe that the WebHost4Life $5/month plan doesn't support Silverlight.

These two companies are providing shared servers (clearly), but both allow development of multiple ASP.Internet application roots, and you ought to don't have any issues with establishing and hosting your blog engine like DasBlog (or other) with either.

I have attempted a couple of and my personal favorite is used Improvements http://appliedi.internet, make certain you subscribe to their IIS7 hosting that is shared and you will have the ability to connect up using IIS7 Remote Management. They're very developer friendly and responsive.

This is a free ASP.Internet hosting for novices. http://aspspider.com/

It's meant like a temporary solution when you are still learning asp.internet so it's good for those who wish to dabble without putting money lower.

We have used WebHost4Life and they're reasonably listed. For $9.95 per month, you receive ASP.Internet hosting, and MS SQL Server. We have used Silverlight applications with success, together with web services etc.

I personally use winhost.com. $4.95/month for 1GB of web space and 500MB SQL 2008 database.