I have been considering lots of database's lately, and am unsure whether it's because I am bored or what, but I wish to produce a couple of web programs using database's apart from MS SQL Server. Any suggestions that tie into ASP.Internet nicely?

I'd recommend VistaDB and MySql.

I'd consider MySQL because the apparent alternative.

However, essentially one relational database is virtually just like another, much more when utilized through something similar to ADO.Internet. If you are tired of SQL Server then instead of searching for an alternate take a look at trying different data access methods?

You do not mention whether you are utilizing an ORM (object relational mapper) that make dealing with databases much more enjoyable than using standard ADO.Internet, for example:

  • NHibernate
  • Entity Framework
  • Linq to SQL
  • Subsonic

IMO, adhering with SQL Server but testing out a couple of different ORM's could be a lot more interesting than switching to another database altogether.

Or what about considering utilizing a document database, for example RavenDB?

It is best to have a look at Connectionstrings.com. Most databases there've b .Internet provider available.

Define "good".

Would you like to possess a database like a simple data store, or if the database also implement business logic (saved methods, triggers)?

Would you like to ship your applications and for that reason require easy of installation?

Will it matter when the database is commercial, when MSSQL provides a free version?

As @richeym stated: are SQL statement an adequate interface, or would you require an ORM?