I'm a Webmaster student still in uni, wishing to begin my very own business later on. I've built and used several static websites, and also have lately built and used a few WordPress sites. My DB experience to date is basically conceptual.

I've been contacted with a 'friend of the friend' to construct an e-commerce website to have an worldwide company (they offer incontinence items). I am not particularly certain of the product sales but estimate so that it is around a maximum 500 transactions daily. Becoming an worldwide site, it might clearly have to facilitate, shipping and obligations from numerous nations. The corporation knows that i'm a newcomer, and therefore are not expecting a website launch for any year.

Beginning work like a Webmaster, I am presuming jobs such as this may arise again and again and so i am wishing to choose a framework that's available to my current level of skill, but could also 'grow' beside me when i develop.

I don't want to make use of 'template solutions', so clearly with a few WordPress under my belt, which was the to begin with I switched, but reading through the term 'glitchy' frequently in a number of forum threads has reduced my confidence.

Magento may be the word I am hearing everywhere, but it's mostly referred to as 'complex', while Shopify appears to become the 'quick fix'.

Can anybody recommend a framework that will not take us a decade to understand, but is effective, and reliable enough to face the ages? Will I just bite the bullet and surrender this season to learning Magento? Are these WordPress/Magento Hybrid cars worthwhile?

Any advice could be much appreciated :)

Because you handle quite ok Wordpress I would suggest this http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce/ . However you have to test drive it quite heavy to make certain nothing escapes.

Magento is among the best (some the best) and It is best to might start reading through some documentation about this since you need to create a career within this.

Best of luck!

You will find numerous free e-commerce platforms available. Typically the most popular use PHP that is certainly a transferable skill (which means you would not be costing you time).

This provides a decent list of the greatest applications available: http://www.opensourcecms.com/scripts/show.php?catid=3&category=eCommerce

My own preference is http://www.oscmax.com that is going to release v2.5 of their platform. Built on osCommerce (the initial free e-commerce platform) code but with the common modules installed for you personally but that's because I love the liberty to code the shop the way i enjoy it not the way the software company wants it!

However, if you're searching to obtain a job implementing e-commerce then Magento is most likely the way in which forward as it is probably the most "commercial" from the free platforms.