This RewriteRule

RewriteRule ^test/(.*)$ test.php?url=$1

About this URL

Is giving me this result


I am using easyphp whether it matters and I love to know exactly why is Apache getting rid of multiple slashes internally without redirecting to correcred URL? and just how can one disable or give a redirect for this behavior?

Thank ahead of time

It appears multiple slashes are from the standard. As stated in this post, RFC 1630 states:


The relaxation from the URI follows the colon inside a format with respect to the plan. The road is construed inside a manner determined by the protocol getting used. However, if this consists of slashes, these ust imply a hierarchical structure.

/// doesn't mean a hierarchical structure - you'd have empty folder names. From which i would reckon that Apache's behavior is as simple as design. (Nor will it be smart to use multiple slashes, because could be an invalid URL).

I'd make use of a different character rather.