I have experienced my first RoR application used to Dreamhost and it is using Passenger. The main one note on Dreamhost's wiki about slow response pointed out altering a RewriteRules line within the public/.htaccess file to make use of FastCGI. However I assume this can don't have any effect if I am using Passenger, is the fact that right?

I have checked out the logs and in comparison these to my local logs, also it appears like there's a wider range on Dreamhost. Some reactions are similar to the fast local ones, others may take a couple of seconds.

I am utilizing a Flex front-end with HTTPServices towards the rails after sales, and i believe I should also add logging around my services to determine what type of network delay I am getting and then try to isolate in which the delays are.

I ought to include that there's most likely lots of space for improvement in the region of eager loading associations. I believe Used to do that the little in early stages, but haven't tried it completely through all of the associations. I've the neighborhood logs set towards the default where I can tell all of the queries, and you will find many of them.

You have to be running in Development mode. Try running in Production mode to ascertain if it's still slow.

Publish below might help:


New Relic is really a Rails performance monitoring application. I've not personally tried on the extender, however i hear their title a great deal also it appears like there is a free lite version you could try. From my experience profiling other programs, something such as this may be worth using since the slow areas of the application are frequently in places that you did not expect.