For many odd reason I'm able to no more access my images during my image folder or any one of its contents or I orginally couldn't upload files to images and tried to use chmod a=rw /var/www/images but that didn't help. I additionally upgrade php5 towards the latest ubuntu build. So what can I actually do to repair this problem, and so what can I actually do to repair my upload problem?

The present images don't display becuase I recieve a 403 error:


You do not have permission to gain access to /images/bold.png about this server. Apache Server at [..].com Port 443

Upload provides me with:

warning: move_submitted_file(/[..].png): unsuccessful to spread out stream: Permission refused in [..]/images.php online 37

Warning: move_submitted_file(): Not able to maneuver '/var/tmp/[...].png' to '/var/www/images/nzoom.png' in [..]/images.php online 37

The [..] is simply me getting useless variables.

PHP 5 on Apache 2 on Ubuntu 9.

I suspect you've screwed in the permissions around the directory. You most likely wish to accomplish:

# chmod 757 /var/www/images
# chmod 644 /var/www/images/*.*

to permit the nobody/apache webserver user to gain access to them

This can be a permissions related most likely most definitely. It is best to chmod your:

  • files to 0644 (or 0666 if Apache isn't running because the same [FTP] user)
  • sites to 0755 (or 0777 if Apache isn't running because the same [FTP] user)

By doing this they will be executable and you've got further write permissions from inside your scripts.