I've created a web application that takes ten seconds to accomplish a transaction on php 5.2.17+Apache2.2.8 atmosphere.

Once I use them the development server(Window server 2008+IIS 7+php 5.2.6) it requires 50 seconds to accomplish exactly the same transaction.

The calculation relies heavily on php, no information are completed in sql whatsoever.

Did I simply mess something up or This really is normal for php on iis.

We are all just likely to be shooting at nighttime, we are missing lots of detail to assist.

Install XHProf: https://github.com/facebook/xhprof both in conditions, you'll have more information on which PHP does, and just how lengthy it requires.

A lot of work continues to be completed to get XHProf running on Home windows, though not by Facebook. It should not be considered a obstacle. http://www.benjamin-carl.de/howtos/xhprof-php-extension-0-10-0-windows-32nt-compatible-version/