Well I've really strange trouble with the wordpress with Jquery. Since couple of week ago whenever we upgraded the hosting, the Wordpress Jquery within the ACP as well as in certain parts from the icons on the website is damaged. I attempted crippling plug ins it's same. Attempted re-installing and never adding any wordpress plugin, still same. Attempted installing and adding new Jquery files still same. The Ajax/Jquery a part of ACP is unresponsive, widget area is unmovable and pages tend to be whitened when loaded. Footer can also be not loaded. Other scripts work fine around the server. I believe there's incompatible PHP extension that may be leading to this. Any understanding of what is the issue?

Use Firebug with Opera to determine what JS are loading or are conflicting.

try loading jquery within the template mind tags using the following command

<?php wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?>

remove other verbose loading instructions for jquery within the mind.

This can load jQuery in NoConflict mode.

Within this mode, the $ value is no more the delegate title rather you have to use jQuery For instance:

     $(#somefunction) ...


    jQuery(#somefunction) ...