I would like help understanding in regards to what the (!) mark means when put infront of the URL like!

After i go into the url around the browser it display the sites. Directly on the very best first is really a file that is named (!). After i open the hyperlink there's a php script that is essentially hooking up to mysql while using account information provided within the script. Then in relaxation of lines you will find some sql statement that is no major coding some type of script to show listing of worker using their pictures from erp database.

I visit a reason for script code however i aren't seeing why its put as (!) and exactly what does it really do? Can someone please let me know its programing significance and otherwise please.


There's nothing naturally special concerning the ! character in Web addresses. It's frequently utilized by various web frameworks to denote "dynamic pages", or perhaps a page that's produced mostly with AJAX demands.

In my opinion google will index pages ending in !# normally pages to permit this, but apart from that, it's no special meaning other that exactly what a programmer has trained with.