I simply began out using wordpress like a Content management systems. On the website I've 2 pages I would like different posts show on. To date I realize this small code to publish just one particular category one a webpage (when put infront from the loop:

<?php query_posts('cat=8&showposts=5');?>

But exactly what do I write when I have to exclude this category on my small blog-page?
A hyperlink with explanations for that short codes within this snippet could be very useful!

Just give a minus into it. Example:


You need to only range from the loop/category you would like shown on each page. Meaning you ought to have a catalog page as well as your secondary page ought to be another file in your template file. Then edit your groups accordingly.

index.php - query_posts('cat=BLOG&showposts=5')

other.php - query_posts('cat=OTHER&showposts=5')

Then make your page inside the administration panel accordingly.