The title, I am sure, will provoke a "let's begin again..." reaction with lots of visitors. Apologies. I've Researched this issue and also got the phonebook. Mostly regarding SSL, it should be stated. Others indicate the terrible JS engine in IE. No internet rants I discovered have really clarified this satisfactorily for me personally. And So I thought I'd publish here...

I'm creating a web application, mostly coded in Opera (due to Firebug), examined in Opera, Chrome, Safari and... IE. Plenty of jQuery, plenty of AJAX. Web server is Apache on Win XP. Browser fact is usually blazingly fast (the net server's around the LAN and does little else), aside from IE, that is EXCRUCIATINGLY slow.

My code is usually structured along wrinkles:

module1= function() {
    // JS code backing html in div1

$div1.load("div1.html",function() {

That's, the JS code for module1 may the browser in the word "go", though I'd expect that compilation of the code is deferred in most browsers until I really call the module1() closure, which only follows on the effective load(). I'm able to therefore readily think that a sluggish JS engine, as might be contained in IE, will show a drag (to exhibiting div1). However...

Things I notice is the fact that while IE6 goes about late-loading my HTML clips and all sorts of attendant components (images, mostly), after i pull-up another browser (to pass through time) and load my website, that browser will hang until such time as IE finishes installing. That's, IE completely clobbers my Apache server for everybody else.

This will make me believe that this isn't, mainly, a sluggish-JS interpretation problem. That actually there can be some hands-shake problems between Apache and IE. I've no proof of this in Apache's logs, hence I figured I'd request.

Does anybody have ideas? It is possible to (known) configuration problem on Apache?

PS: I would include that throughout these protracted late-loading efforts, IE's status bar - that is, In my opinion, an hard to rely on progress indicator - quite frequently shows Web addresses to my symbols (i.e. really small .presen and .png files).

Getting working lately with IE6 I'm able to maybe indicate one factor which assisted us. We examined quite all of the jQuery code to include a great deal (a real lot) of :

SetTimeout(function() { <HERE TO REGULAR CODE WE HAD>,0});

This pressure repaint occasions on IE6 (some kind of new execution env with repaint basically understand well IE6 js) and, a minimum of, The consumer can easily see areas of the page already loaded. Very helpful on load callbacks. So a minimum of user perception is much better, blocks from the page seems and user thought of the rate is much better. However it appears the whole real-time was better too.

About IE6 apache interactions, as the apache server is this is not on your pc but around the LAN gradually alter :

  • test the web site from another machine, not the main one where IE6 is running (running hard)
  • activate mod_status and appearance the url /status to ascertain if several employees are utilized by IE6 or just one

IE6 is maybe getting issues with the Keepliave demands, or with restrictions on the amount of parallel queries he is able to operate on one server. But for your we'll require more details about the HTTP traffic once the problem happens (and server-status a minimum of is a great one, check Extended status too).