While entering an SQL statement in Oracle SQL Developer, I observed which i have two choises. I'm able to either "Execute Statement" or "Run Script". An identical choise appears to be shown in SQL Maestro too, altough named "Execute query" and "Execute as script".

What is the main difference between your two?

Execute statement provides you with a listing of all of the produces a sortable table. It will likewise only run the statement underneath the cursor (or outlined). You'll be motivated for bind variables advertising media are the statement (anywhere holder with : before it).


select * from customers where customer_id = :id

will prompt for any value for id

Run script will execute all claims within the worksheet, and provide a text readout from the results. It won't prompt you for that values of bind variables.

I believe "Execute Statement" - mean if you wish to get results (resultset) "Run Script" - is something you require to complete try not to require a results, like setting up database dump, or upgrade script to include posts towards the table etc.