Ok, not technically a programming question however i desire a wordpress plugin for my wordpress blog that shows code clips.
Can anybody here recommend a high quality one? Also, do everyone know which Shaun uses on codinghorror. That certain looks great.


wordpress.com states use Alex Gorbatchev’s syntaxhighlighter Google Code project.

I had been useing Wordpress-Syntax for a little however i wasn't entirely pleased with it, so I am now using google-code-prettify.

If you want to view it for action see my blog.

I suppose you may be thinking about run-this - there's a wordpress wordpress plugin to permit your visitors to operate your clips within the browser.

For Wordpress-Clips, I personally use Prettify.

You need to most likely make use of a wordpress plugin for getting away figures to have the ability to display code without needing to do-it-yourself, or perhaps your code will not be displayed. Or simply put this in functions.php inside your theme folder to get this done instantly:

function bbcode( $attr, $content = null ) 

add_shortcode('code', 'bbcode')

After which wrap your code with [code]<?php echo 'hello world!' ?>[/code]

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