So I've got a .Internet website I made and some of it is really a page in which a database table could be strained, queried, and displayed. I Quickly allow customers to choose a person row either to edit or remove. These two functions are carried out by themselves separate pages. Lately I had been requested to include functionality to page one to permit the query blocking to become maintained between visits. For instance, if your user edits a row then returns towards the table, filters they selected should be in position.

My real question is what is the simplest method of doing this. However , most of the filters are dynamically produced according to another table within the DB so that they aren't statically coded in to the page. One option is passing the filter string within the query string but this appears unpractical due to the potential great length it might be. I additionally considered opening a brand new window but you will find concerns about security and data duplication. I possibly could also employ an iframe to load the web pages and hide the initial content until done editing but I am unsure how you can access clicks from inside the iframe within the surrounding page, or if this sounds like even advisable.

Any help/suggestions could be greatly appreciated.


You can encapsulate your functionality right into a User Control that both pages may use.

How to: Convert Web Forms Pages into ASP.NET User Controls

You could utilize a SESSION variable to keep a Dictionary<string, object> or something like that similar which consists of secrets determining each table and values representing the filter. The particular blocking options should not be an excessive amount of information to keep for any given session.

Not understanding the way your application captures the idea of a filter it is a little difficult to provide a fully-qualified solution, but session appears just like a decent option.

You can preserve the filter inside a cookie around the user side. Granted not really a perfect solution but it is one method to go.