To become short, It is a website to have an research lab. I have to display specific content (lab report) to a particular user. Customers will be presented a username along with a password when departing and will also be requested to login online to gain access to his/her report using the qualifications provided to him.

Therefore , it is a "specific content" for "specific user" - Moving to at least one.6 isn't a choice.

I've got a solution in your mind but involve lots of core hacking and can take a while ... If anyone experienced an identical situation or know in your mind I'd thank you for help.

Ok, you can do this but it takes just a little chicanery to obtain there. First, you will need a method to publish the lab reviews and connect all of them with a person. I'd use K2 with this since add the report being an attachment for an item. You may also add extra fields to K2, which will be the next thing. You will need an additional area where one can enter a person ID number that you'll use to find out if your user is permitted to see this content.

You will find several steps you will have to decide to try now filter this content so just the connected user can easily see it.

  1. You will have to obtain the user ID when the user is drenched in:

    $user =&lifier JFactory::getUser()

    $usr_id = $user->get('id')

  2. You will need a food selection that links to some K2 Category where all of the lab reviews go.

  3. You will need a subtemplate having a modified category_item.php for your category that only shows the connect reviews:

    if($this->item->extra_fields[USER_ID_EXTRA_Area_Title]==$usr_id)all of the category item stuff

  4. You will need a subtemplate having a modified item.php for that category that again blocks customers apart from the connected user, essentially exactly the same code as #3 either to display this content or perhaps an error message.

The only real other I'm able to think about that you could accomplish this is to make use of an ACL component having a group for every user.

The K2 method with subtemplates wouldn't require any core hacks and can make use of a little effort.

You are able to achieve what you would like with Flexicontent and Flexiaccess

Flexicontent is really a K2 type component and that i rely on them interchangeably. With Flexiaccess you may create products which are only accessible to particular customers.

No hacks needed.

Not So Good News: That cant be achieved with standard Joomla 1.5 (without hacking) Great News: You should use among the free or commercial Extensions for Joomla to complete that. I recommend for instance:


Or look for yourself: