i question why after i save any digital image from online the EXIF information is gone or otherwise saved? i'm creating a photo gallery website and so i download sample photos in the internet as testing, mostly from flickr.

i only download photos which have exif data, but when held in my mac, the exif is taken away or otherwise saved. in the beginning i figured my wordpress exif wordpress plugin isn't working however when i look into the exif in your area during my mac, the exif information is not there.

like most procedures done with an image will wipe the exif data

if you wish to download the images from flicker and keep the exif you will have to go (around the picture page) to Actions => All dimensions => download original

should you choose that you could keep your exif.

however for testing reasons things i do personally would be to grap any picture from google image and than stamp the exif data utilizing a rubber stamping software myself. By doing this, I'll know if the data that I am getting are correct or otherwise.

BTW, I've just finished the other day from creating a gallery website using wordpress for any client, if you faced any problems specifically within the exif part, you can request