I am writing a website where all demands ought to be rewritten to some static landing.php page which will then render appropriate content as necessary. My .htaccess is the following:

##Send requests to the rewriter
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /

RewriteRule ^.*\.css?$          -              [L,QSA,NC]  ##Escape CSS File Extensions ##
RewriteRule ^landing\.php?$     -              [L,QSA,NC]  ##Allow Access to landing page ##
RewriteRule ^(.*)$          landing.php?m=$1  [L,QSA,NC]    ##Rewrite everything else##

All of this works acceptable for dynamic Web addresses that do not already exist. For instance moving to

%siteaddress%/forum is going to be properly planned to landing.php although retaining the dynamic URL around the browser. If however I aim to gain access to a directory that is available around the server, for example "bin" I am benefiting from odd behavior.

%siteaddress%/bin/ is planned properly
%siteaddress%/bin is planned as %siteaddress%/bin/?m=bin

An amount be leading to the spinning to append the querystring towards the URL? I have find out about adding an argument inshtaccess to avoid the appending of slash however this does not seem to work.

(Note: like a new user it will not allow me to add hyperlinks to some publish. %siteaddress% would really be considered a valid http address).

Thank you Ryan