I'm going to launch a beta site, and heroku appears like an excellent option. The only real think that's getting me lower would be that the only search choice is $20/mth for that Websolr add-on.

I am certain that Websolr is excellent, but only at that very early reason for this project, I rather not illuminate that expense.

What are the free search choices to couple with heroku's Blossom (free) plan.

I seem like this type of cheapskate!

This publish appears to possess good options:

Using the entire text search of postgrSQL:


Also describes the choices of Ferret and Solr.

IndexTank includes a heroku addon you should use free of charge.

It's some advantages over websolr, like realtimeness, fast (all in ram), along with a very flexible scoring system that does not require to reindex (enables for super easy a/b testing).

functions_as_tsearch is effective. No configuration needed for those who have postgresql > 8.3. Have to test out multiple tables though. Will apply it to heroku till i'm able to pay the WebSolr Add-on. I discovered it a much better option in comparison towards the texticle method as described within the article link above (tendermaking).

functions_as_tsearch: http://github.com/pka/functions_as_tsearch

No, I had been searching for this too the other day, and did not find anything...
And That I don't believe there's any work happening on another add-ons such as this as they have one, so that they will not put another that's free... :/
Anyway, heroku is amazing, so try to really make it use code or simply spend $20 :)

functions_as_ferret will not are Heroku cleans in the /tmp directory regularly. Even i'm looking for a complete-text solution. Considering testing out the functions_as_tsearch wordpress plugin.