I have used phpMyEdit to rapidly generate CRUD screens for databases it is a magic formula to begin getting together with data during my projects (and allows me toss together internal admin pages fast)... however it does not browse the DB schema, so I must by hand arrange it.

I am searching for somethingOrmethod to rapidly generate CRUD from starting to finish: I provide a DB table, also it reads the schema, creates the HTML markup for that form, and does the CRUD focus on the db itself.

Performs this exist? Let me have zero setup for fundamental functionality, after which I'd love a choice of having the ability to extend that fundamental setup to help refine the knowledge. (For instance: whether it can easily see my database table has four varchar() fields, that might be all set to go with four editing fields "as they are,Inch however Let me have the ability to add some code/set some flags to specify the main one varchar() column that's designed to hold their email, therefore the tool would then do data validation to simply allow emails for the reason that area.)

UPDATE: I am seeking an answer will be able to drop into my existing PHP project(s) -- no entire framework.

I believe nearly anything you may be thinking about will need some front-finish configuration or parameter setting.

One tool that I have heard about is TTswiftcoder - v2.6. Among it's nice features is your buck ($.00).

I believe you will find lots of tools around - both free and never-so-free. Try searching phrases like PHP Crud, PHP data power grid, PHP code generator and so on. Likewise try Sourceforge, Freshmeat, phpclasses, Codango , ...

Hope this can help.

Perhaps you have attempted CoughPHP? http://www.coughphp.com/

Cough creates all of the code you'll need for controlling the item model-to-relational model mapping. Including simple techniques for those your CRUD functionality. This includes Cough Collection classes that represent the associations between tables inside your data model.

and: http://www.coughphp.com/docs/1.1/data_validation/

The Yii Framework Performs this as they are. You utilize an internet gui to connect the database table title also it creates crud screens and active record classes together with all of the models, sights, and remotes.

Unsure if the fits your needs http://www.doctrine-project.org

I am searching for a drop-in admin such as this too, here's one I discovered to date: