You will find many sites that host public databases of code.

Good examples

Exist similar sites that permit programmers to keep and manage fossil databases free of charge?

I simply released a fossil hosting solution at Will still be in alpha but supports numerous things already. You can tell me what you believe.

It appears Fossil can be obtained on Sourceforge:

Climax not obvious if this sounds like the official installation. It's within SF.internet allowance to host custom CGI scripts, but a admin maintained installation could be better.

Despite the fact that establishing a Sourceforge entry is most likely overkill for small projects (what Fossil targets), this appears a smart project hosting option. If Fossil isn't formally supported, we ought to lobby for this being that. Probably BerliOS would adopt it, too.

I have no idea associated with a, nevertheless its very easy to setup your personal on any little bit of hosting space you can get that it is less important compared to other scm tools.

Link here to some tutorial I authored on configuring it.