I have mastered the skill of the static website, and today I am obtaining books on PHP, SQL, PEAR, etc in order to obtain a better handle of creating a database-driven website. Now, I am helping a little startup company get everything necessary off the floor while having to pay the minimum for 3rd party help (I haven't yet consider odesk or elance).

You will find two primary sites (we'll give them a call .com and .biz) .com may be the corporate site (an individually run wordpress site with cpanel &lifier email options) .biz may be the indiviual reseller's site (costly software package producing wildcard subdomains with duplicated websites along with a "virtual office" on asp.internet and sql server... this is when our e-commerce is performed)

Using what I've, right as they are, you will find THREE different logins when there should simply be ONE login to enable you to get drenched directly into interact around the blog, look at your webmail, and enter your virtual office.

All I would like would be to have the ability to tie my way through together. Much like this site, after i have drenched in once, many of these situations are possible by calling php. When the cookie knows what you are, you are instantly drenched into the 3.. and so forth. Possibly even a header that shows the number of messages have been in your mailbox In the wordpress site.

Here's my question.. and that i apologize ahead of time based on how misleading this might seem.

Which kind of programmer must i use with this type of assistance? I understand this can require PHP &lifier SQL, but must i expect every other languages to make this a reality? Unless of course you will find obvious-cut lessons available on the web, I have reached employ a programming ninja that may translate these needs into code. Thank you for any advice you are able to give!

Well it truly is dependent how your means to fix these tasks appears like but yes it might most likely be achieved simple with only php/SQL.

You might want to consider web services to be able to help your sites communicate. You can do this via PHP.