I've three simple html or php file that I am likely to create.

What's going to be use in there's that the content for example video's title or let say an individual title

as a whole it will likely be almost 2000 of these

however i will split it to 3 different pages or possibly I'll allow it to be one page with various groups.

now my real question is that the way I create a search form that may be search from the different page while they're still around the page index

this is exactly what I am presently using <div class="searchbox"><form action="index.php" method="publish"> <input type="text" title="q" value="">

this search form is really a live time google listing

however i does it to have the ability to search using their company page too or from the different groups

but where must i place the tag or almost anything to this content to be able to obtain the search show the end result.

I suppose something of that nature might be completed with javascript however it is not really my forte. Only one problem with this is actually the other pages don't really exist around the customers browser until they've looked at them so you may need to download a lot of pages without anyone's knowledge. Does not seem just like a great means to fix me.

I'd recommend doing searches around the server side where you will find the data, instead of attempting to parse made html around the customers machine. After which send the outcomes towards the user.