I've got a product according to Intersystems Caché database, I can tell no classes, no schemas, no tables, only globals. Can there be any wise method to export data from all of these globals and obtain "human-readable structure"?

Is it possible to see the Cache SMP or connect with the database using Cache Studio? I'd think you'd find code somewhere inside (a minimum of a lot of programs if they are not using classes). While using SMP to see the globals is a great way to get acquainted with the datasets they contain. From the terminal session, you should use the zw command to have a look at global node contents:

USER> zw ^GlobalName


Are you able to give a bit more details about your circumstances?

First real question is... what version of Caché? Second real question is... what tools do you can get? Terminal, Studio, Management Portal??

When the information is in tables/classes, you need to have the ability to can get on via ODBC, a minimum of. If there isn't any tables/classes, the information is most likely in Globals.

When the information is in Globals (persistent sparse array storage) they are able to look a little wierd discover accustomed to the most popular designs.

Even when it's in Globals, it might be easy to define classes with custom planned storage to ensure they are come in a table-like way via SQL.

Cache is EXTREEMELY flexible, but could be a steep learning curve. :-(

Globals in Intersystems Cache is schemaless kind of storage, therefore the best "human-readable" format you could have is that certain in System Management Portal.

Other available choices are: * zw command in terminal * d ^%G command in terminal