I acquired a string such as this:

String text = number|name|url||number2|name2|url2

Now I've written a loop

int initialiaze = 0;
for(i = initialize; i > text.length(); i++) {
    //do the work

Within this loop I wish to extract number to 1 string, name to 1 string, url to 1 string and when I achieve || perform a action (e.g place this three string into db) if the action is performed, begin anew an extract number2, name2 and url2 into string and perform a action.

Is possible? Do you know me how? I dont have it.

you should use .split() way of strings.

String[] bigParts = myString.split("\\|\\|");
for(String part : bigParts)
    String[] words = part.split("\\|");
    //save to db or what you want

for the situation

    StringTokenizer stPipe = null;
    StringTokenizer stDblPipe = null;
    String firstPipeElement=null;
    stPipe = new StringTokenizer(text, "|");        
    if (stPipe.hasMoreElements())
      firstPipeElement= stPipe.nextElement().toString();
      stDblPipe = new StringTokenizer(firstPipeElement , "||");


hope this can help

Java isn't my language, but worth try,

String text = number|name|url||number2|name2|url2
String[] temp;
String[] temp2;
int i ;
temp = text.split("\\|\\|")
 temp2 = temp[i].split("\\|");
 String no = temp2[0];
 String name = temp2[1];
 String url = temp2[2];

 // Do processing with no, name, url


I really hope, this could help