i was focusing on our sandbox looking to get the facebook like button setup for the site. As an idiot, I set our sandbox URL because the domain. Here's the question: can there be any returning once I have carried this out? I attempted to totally reset the domain however it does not appear to possess taken.

And, here is a related question: basically go making a like button (iFrame version) it spits out an application_id included in the code. In the event that application_id is not connected for an actual application w/domain, does it work as we move it to the QA server after which onto production? Or does it, once we have examined on our sandbox, establish the sandbox as it is domain after which we are back where we began?

We can not change code once it moves onto QA, it is simply bad form...what exactly will i do?

Read this link:

http://designers.facebook.com/paperwork/reference/plug ins/like/

when you setup og:url property the canonical link to your domain simultaneously your canvas url, you'll be done

Here example:

Hyperlink to like = "http://myapp.com"

<meta property="og:url" content="http://myapp.com/" />

Canvas URL: "http://myapp.com"