I have added a comment box to my website. I am utilizing an application_id. I have added my domain to "Application Domain" within the configurations section for that application. I save it. Then i return and also the "Application Domain" has disappeared. It's like it isn't being saved.

What am I doing wrong?

I discovered how to get this done - the UI and error messages are merely terrible. First, you have to set your website url within the website section - to eg http://world wide web.example.com . Click Save

You'll be able to visit the application domain area, type 'example.com' and press enter - it will highlight. That you can do exactly the same to include more domain names.

This handled to encourage them to stick for me personally.

My first guess is the fact that Facebook is buggy today (cough).

Another factor to check on may be the Roles section to make sure your present Facebook user is incorporated in the Managers list. You ought to be, obviously, however i know people that have different customers for various reasons plus they get confused regarding which they are drenched in as. Just a concept.

Edit: Also, around the Advanced configurations page you are able to take control of your Application Type. Could it be still set to Web? Because the domain is less relevant for Native/Desktop, I saw them disregarding your input whether it's set up this way.