I am while using Shopp e-commerce wordpress plugin for Wordpress. I added outdoors Graph Assistant wordpress plugin to assist instantly generate Facebook like buttons on each one of the individual product pages that passes the merchandise info to Facebook instead of generic site info (because the product page is really a template).

After I click like I recieve a mistake stating that "The page unsuccessful use a valid listing of managers. It must specify the managers using whether "facebook:application_id" meta tag, or utilizing a "facebook:admins" meta tag to specify a comma-delimited listing of Facebook customers." despite the fact that I have added my admin ID. Page content does not populate the comment box, however it does publish towards the user's Facebook page properly.

You will see a good example here: http://kranedesign.com/shop/emory-in-dark-olive-with-shearling-lined-hood/

I am unsure what the issue is however when I had been creating like button producing code with this site Sunwise Sunglasses I discovered the order from the the OG tags mattered, which the Facebook Debugger page was excellent and located any problems: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug