Since 2 days ago it labored, but still works best for old web addresses. however for each new publish so on button stay at zero, and when i press the button it blinks 1 but return to zero immediately.

My website:

A classic url that (still) works:

A brand new url that no more works:

Even when I place the url here it does not work (try using the 2 url above - "Hyperlink to Like" area).

It seems that you are using both that old Facebook "Share" and also the more recent Facebook "Like" buttons. However Facebook Share (via static.ak.fbcdn.internet/connect.php/js/ may be the old SDK and it is being deprecated).

You'll would like to make use of the new SDK (that you simply are properly including) at

In my opinion getting rid of the conflicting "share" button will solve your condition.

Searching in the url you published, there's a javascript console error (see image) that is leading to the javascript code from ongoing execution.

facebook javascript error

To repair it, remove this type of code out of your wordpress site, or disable the wordpress plugin that's adding this line:

<script type='text/javascript' src=';ver=3.1.4'></script> 

You cannot load both deprecated fbconnect.js file along with the new Facebook javascript sdk .js file that you simply load online 435. Contrary is depending around the old deprecated library, I recommend upgrade as quickly as possible because Facebook is killing deprecated functionality constantly.

The issue was which i did not had open graph tags on my small page. Using this plugin fixed it. You may also analyse the page using this link.