I have tried personally the script deliver to the likebox to produce a user macro for my clients Confluence system.

<script src="http://connect.facebook.internet/en_US/all.js#x fbml=1"></script>`


  href="http://world wide web.facebook.com/pages/Canada-YMCA-Federal-Government-Youth-Internships/215740255103118"

  show_faces="true" stream="true"



My client is thinking about improving to Confluence 4.. Connfluence 4. makes lots of changes using their macros and uses xhtml rather than wiki markup. I've upgraded my very own version of Confluence to 4. and i'm obtaining the following error around the page which i placed the facebook-likebox macro on:

Error rendering macro 'facebook-likebox' : Unsuccessful to change the HTML macro template for display.

Nested message: The XML content couldn't be parsed. There's an issue at line 11, column 161.

Parser message: Undeclared namespace prefix "fb" at [row,col ]: [11,161]

It's a trouble with the script here and also the html character organizations.

After I navigate to http://connect.facebook.internet/en_US/all.js#x I begin to see the JavaScript. Is the entire script for that likebox? Basically possess the the entire script I might have the ability to result in the necessary changes.

Could I recieve some feedback about this?

I am unfamiliar with Confluence, so unsure how you can change this inside your setup (maybe another person knows) but you have to tell Confluence concerning the facebook and og prefixes Facebook ways to use the XFBML elements within the Social Plug ins and a few of the Open Graph meta data

Inside a standard HTML page this is accomplished with

  <html xmlns="http://world wide web.w3.org/1999/xhtml"


              xmlns:facebook="https://world wide web.facebook.com/2008/fbml">

if you cannot get this play nicely together with your configuration, the majority of the Facebook social plug ins in addition have a HTML5 or iframe version which will not require utilization of 'fb' tags (such as the <fb:like-box>' tag that the Javascript SDK replaces using the Like Box iframe)