I've correctly set up Open Graph meta data on my small web page then when someone shared a webpage on my small web everything labored perfectly - Title, Description, Thumbnail.... Until last month. Now after i attempt to share a webpage, first of all everything seems properly - title, description, thumbnail, however when I publish it, it's reduced towards the domain title. Rather than title and outline the sharer puts world wide web.mydomain.com and also the thumbnail is taken away completely. Begin to see the screenshot to determine what i'm saying - August 22, everything ok, it went wrong.


I attempted to compromise the meta data, but Facebook Debugger demonstrated no errors and finally I determined the meta data don't play any role within this problem. I produced simple 5-line html document, just mind/title/body, submitted it, shared it and also the result was exactly the same. However I submitted this straightforward document to various domain and all of a sudden the Facebook Sharer recognized the title and displayed it correctly. Therefore it appears in my experience it's associated with the entire domain, quite simply, Facebook "blocks" my whole web!

And everything is a bit more untidy. The actual who owns this web produced very long time ago an easy Facebook Page to advertise this web. So far as I understand, this site isn't "connected" towards the real web, just the title is identical. Only then do we desired to monitor customers (liking, discussing...) therefore we registered the domain into Facebook Experience. And today, after i was looking to get this working, I registered a brand new Facebook Application with my different Facebook account (my was verified, owner's wasn't) to be able to have an application_id that we could offer the meta data. Well it did not work, but I am now worried that something inside Facebook went wrong which explains why the entire web is overlooked.

Last factor - I discovered some thread about the identical problem however it was began almost two year ago (http://forum.designers.facebook.internet/viewtopic.php?id=46573&p=2) plus some official Facebook guy stated it only agreed to be a bug which would be fixed soon. Well clearly it's here again which last almost per month now.

EDIT: Simple Like button appears to become working well, however when I love a webpage and then try to comment it, the issue happens as referred to above.

All us dot info domain names (which i had checked) have this issue.

It is a Facebook bug!! I have a similar problem on my small domain, and so i hope Facebook will resolve it soon :/

There's existing bug set of Facebook for the similar problem. Could anybody that's going through exactly the same problem please report it to Facebook http://designers.facebook.com/bugs/171541966257908

Yes, same factor here and began about last month, mid-August. I spent two full days beating my mind from the monitor. The Facebook page is here now http://world wide web.facebook.com/kelownaevents - scroll lower to Sept eighth publish to determine what's happenning. Links to any or all other websites are displayed correctly, although not our very own.

Furthermore, these posts with links don't appear in Newsfeeds.

As referred to, modifying meta qualities and establishing another Facebook application didn't perform a factor.

The sample URL is http://world wide web.kelownaevents.info/index.php?option=occasions&main_id=15402

When utilizing Facebook to produce a link, the thumbnail and also the image are exhibiting correctly, but the moment "Share" button is clicked on, the title is changed with a generic URL, image and outline disappear.

I discovered a thread on Etsy.com that demonstrated that Etsy were built with a similar condition in March 2011. - etsy.com/teams/7718/site-help/discuss/6805652/page/1