I'm your project which utilizes the Facebook graph-api to sign in. I've the advantages of only utilizing a virtual keyboard (no hardware is going to be present). I've looked everywhere, but can't take action for adding an online texting keyboard towards the popUp.

I'm able to place the keyboard right into a popup, or I possibly could add the texting keyboard in to the screen using the addChild() method, however i have one problem: the virtual keyboard doesn't focus towards the textInputs from the popup so when i press a vital, everything "explooota".

Anybody knows the way i could solve the main focus problem?

I am talking about... after i prees the virtual key, i call a java function wich simulate an actual keyboard, however i lose the main focus in to the facebook input text and also the letter isn't within the textinput... and that i dont understand how to recover the main focus...

Thanks ahead of time for that help!

We'd exactly the same trouble with a desktop application designed in C#. I'm able to perfect solution for any home windows based application. Presuming you're focusing on a desktop application which you're showing the login inside a internet browser control you should use the SendInput API to direct keyboard-like input to some area within the browser. We'd our very own custom keyboard I do not think you'll have the ability to make use of the built-in on-screen keyboard MS provides.

We'd a home windows form that located a internet browser control and also the keyboard custom control. The consumer touches the area that they would like to complete. The consumer types their input while using on-screen keyboard, the laptop keyboard uses SendInput to transmit the right character for that key which was touched towards the internet browser control. Other issues to consider:

  • the facebook login form takes much space, getting both keyboard and login visible simultaneously is tough
  • delivering non-ascii figures check this out for help (SendInput sequence to create unicode character fails)
  • the consumer will need to touch to choose the input area
  • you will find other links around the Facebook login page you might want to restrict (like create a free account)
  • an on-screen keyboard where touching the important thing does not steal focus in the browser area

These may be solved but they're not trivial.