I've handled to obtain a system employed by logging to the site from Facebook, twitter, google etc.. It's a modified version from the wordpress social login wordpress plugin.

It had been fetching emails in the internet sites and adding them in to the user accounts on our bodies. It is now not. It's adding their email a little like that one.. a85b287d8d30ca2b1ee4cd2fb31f6f7a@example.com

How do you have it to fetch the correct address again.

It is a fact which i was trying out configurations that made the e-mail address and user title exactly the same, nevertheless it overrode the username using the email area and never the other way round.


I've un-tied my tinkering, but it's still carrying this out. I'm checking for other script interference and am removing all erroneous social integrations unrelated for this. To date no results.

Incidentally --

example.com is actually what it's saying, that's not code for my or anybody else's domain.

In addition --

I've discovered wrinkles within the folders. Obviously it can't be fetching your email because this is what we should are becoming rather.

// generate an email if none
        if ( ! isset ( $user_email ) OR ! is_email( $user_email ) ){
            $user_email = strtolower( $provider . "_user_" . $user_login ) . "@example.com";

        // email should be unique
        if ( email_exists ( $user_email ) ){
                $user_email = md5(uniqid(wp_rand(10000,99000)))."@example.com";
            } while( email_exists( $user_email ) );

Obviously that's creating our phantom current email address, now you ask , then why do not receiving the most appropriate one in the social networking.

Any Ideas?

The issue is being triggered by repetitive information. The wordpress plugin uses the consumer title from social networks. Since that's mainly the e-mail address that's the information it retrieves.

In test mode the accounts being examined from all of these internet sites used emails already registered using the site. As a result it was discovering they already been around and setting a at random produced procedural number that is what it really must do if no current email address is provided. This really is really very clever. Unfortunate it's taken a day to sort out.

Therefore if the e-mail address is exclusive it really works perfectly fine.

Another user registered although i was in test mode. This result in research. Much towards the annoyance of Facebook we group of 4 makes up about testing with unique current email address and all sorts of labored perfectly.

Since Twitter has confirmed to become correct to we all know the relaxation are fine.


Make certain there's no repeated emails in user account.